Odor-eeze Odor Control with Natural Treatment

Odor-eeze Holding Tank System Treatment
Odor-eeze Holding Tank System Treatment

Odor-eeze Holding Tank System Treatment for RV, Marine and Camper Holding Tank Systems. This product is relatively new to the RV industry and is a product that many customers keep coming back to buy.

Odor Control Friendly to the Environment
2 Products in 1 Odor Control, Treatment for Black Tanks
A Special Blend of Five All Natural, Environmentally Friendly Bacteria
Non-Toxic, Biodegradable Liquid
No Pitting Safe on Poly Tanks
Refreshing Orange Aroma
16 oz 100% recyclable plastic pouch

How does Odor-eeze work?
Add Odor-eeze with every cleaning of your black holding tank system to restore the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria and enzymes needed to help keep your holding tank system operating at maximum efficiency.

To deodorize up to 80 gallons of waste, pour 16 oz. of Odor-eeze through toilet into the holding tank. Add approximately 1 gallon of fresh water.

Re-circulating Toilet use:
Add 16 oz. of Odor-eeze when filling with initial fresh water change.

Statement of Benefits
1 No chemicals We use only naturally occurring bacteria that’s safe and effective.
2 2 in 1 2 Products in one
3 All natural A special blend of 5 all natural environmentally friendly bacteria
4 Non-toxic Non-toxic, biodegradable liquid
5 Safe Safe on poly tanks – no pitting
6 Easy Easy direction that will have you done in a snap

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