Equal-i-zer Hitches puts Your Safety Concerns to Rest

Equal-i-zer Hitches and Accessories
Equal-i-zer Hitches and Accessories

Most people think towing a trailer is difficult, nerve racking, and even dangerous. What they don’t realize is that the right trailer hitch can help ease these frustrations. Ordinary hitches can leave drivers feeling out of control as their trailers bounce, sway, and seem to have minds of their own. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Original Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch, with 4-Point Sway Control, helps the driver be in control and the passengers at ease. It has been specially designed to tackle the three biggest problems found with conventional trailer hitches: trailer sway, weight distribution, and stressful driving.

With 4-Point Sway Control, the Equal-i-zer brand hitch works to help control trailer sway. Equal-i-zer’s 4-Point Sway Control is a combination of 4 positive friction areas that work together to combat trailer sway. 4-Point Sway Control is superior to add-on friction bars or cam-type systems that are used with conventional or chain-style weight distribution hitches.

The 2 Sway Control Brackets are innovative rigid trailer attachments serve two purposes. They work in conjunction with the rotational friction sway controls to reduce trailer sway. Also the forward and back friction of the hitch arm on the bracket serves as a secondary sway control system. The sway control brackets work much like 2 add-on sway bars, but with more sway stopping pressure and less hassle. The sway control brackets are the innovative link that makes the Equal-i-zer hitch 4-Point Sway Control system so effective.

Equal-i-zer Hitches and Accessories
Equal-i-zer Hitches and Accessories

Rotational friction works to stop side to side sway before it starts. The rotational friction sway control is activated by downward pressure from the trailer tongue and upward pressure on the spring arms. The spring arms link the rotational sway control to the sway control brackets and distribute trailer tongue weight. The rigidity of the sway control brackets allow the dual rotational friction sway control to safely and effectively hold the trailer in line behind the tow vehicle and combat sway before it starts.

Put them all together and you have 4 points of positive friction working for you. Take your towing to the next level with 4-Point Sway Control.

Without weight distribution the weight of the trailer pushes the rear of the tow vehicle down. Hazards associated with driving a trailer without weight distribution include loss of steering control, braking difficulties, and hitch dragging. Equal-i-zer brand hitch combats such hazards by providing proper weight distribution. With Equal-i-zer the trailers’ weight can be safely and easily distributed to all axles of the vehicle.

Available in 6,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs, 12,000 lbs, and 14,000 lbs.

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