ADCO SFS AquaShed Fifth Wheel RV Covers

Adco SFS AquaShed 5th Wheel Cover
Adco SFS AquaShed 5th Wheel Cover

Protect your 5th Wheel trailer with the most durable contour-fit RV cover on the market. The ADCO SFS AquaShed Fifth Wheel RV Cover is ideal for high moisture climates including all northern states and Canada.

Each SFS Cover has Triple layer SFS AquaShed top panel beads water on contact affording maximum resistance to high humidity and rainfall in addition to protection against UV rays. High performance polypropylene side panels insure maximum breathability and virtually eliminate mold and mildew and completely breathable with moderate U.V. stability. With strap and buckle attachments that prevent billowing and reinforced, elasticized corners, this cover is made to last. The front and rear cinching system help manage loose fabric. Access to your camper during storage is still possible through the zipper entry doors on passenger side and rear. Each ADCO SFS AquaShed Fifth Wheel RV Covers has a storage bag included. The polypropylene ladder cap reinforces the rear panel reducing cover wear over ladder.

Always include the bumpers, spare tire and ladder when measuring your RV to determine the cover needed for a proper fit. Always order a cover after the 5th Wheel has been measured to ensure that the correct cover will be ordered. There covers area scaled to fit 5th Wheels up to 102″ wide and 126″ tall excluding ground clearance.

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