RVWholesalers’ Total Customer Confidence Plan

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RVWholesalers, one of the leading RV Dealerships in the country has announced another first in the RV Industry: RVWholesalers’ Total Customer Confidence Plan.

RVWholesalers has made a commitment to RV customers all over the U.S. Our commitment is to have you covered in everyway, everywhere, everyday! How have we done that? Simple, RVWholesalers is the only RV dealer in the U.S. or Canada to offer payment protection to our customers should they find themselves without a job or become disabled due to injury for up to five months of payments will be made on their behalf. Yes, you heard correct, up to five months payments will be made on our customer’s behalf on any RV purchased and financed through one of RVWholesalers national lending banks.

The second way we have our customers covered is with our Nationwide Service Network. How does it work? Simple, no matter where you live or camp, if you require a repair we can guarantee you can get serviced! Taking a trip? No problem, get us your itinerary and we will give you a service contact where ever you are traveling so you will know in advance who can do your repairs. If you buy any where else and have an issue while on the road, expect the dealer to tell you “bring it back when you return and I will take care of it”. The problem is, you are on a once in a lifetime trip and cannot continue to camp for two or three weeks without heat, air conditioning, or hot water. RVWholesalers does not ask you to wait; we simply get you taken care of during your trip.

The third way we have our customers covered is with our CPP or Customer Protection Plan. This plan covers everything on your unit for five years except the TV, speakers, and tires. The really great thing is it is incredibly affordable and if you do not use it during those five years of coverage you get 100% of your money back. Why give the money back? Simple, you are taking no risk at all financially and we want you to buy it to insure you and your investment in your trailer are completely covered.

The final way that RVWholesalers has you covered is with price. We offer a very low competitive price that ensures you will never be upside down in your unit. We have customers take our trailer home each and everyday and sell them for more then they paid us for it. How does this have you covered, simple you are taking no risk when you purchase from RVWholesalers that you will not be able to sell your unit at any time to upgrade into a new one. We also do not make you beg for a price that is fair; we offer it right up front on our website and at our dealership. We do not have an “Internet Only Price”. Whether you come to our lot and find a trailer or find one on the web site, you will always be shown the same low price. We also do not have any hidden fees at all. The price is the price and it does not change when you sit down to sign the paperwork.

To summarize, why buy from RVWholesalers, simple, we have you covered in everyway, everywhere and everyday!

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